Loss Control

Vanliner Insurance Company has made loss control a top priority since its first day of operation. The goal of the Loss Control Department is to promote this same safety culture throughout our customer base.

The specialized expertise of our loss control team has grown over the years to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Our representatives attend annual professional training to stay abreast of regulatory changes and other current safety issues that impact the trucking industry nationwide. We know first-hand the challenges that our customers face and the steps that must be taken to run a safe and profitable business.

Vanliner customers have considerable safety/loss control responsibilities. They have exposures in daily contact with customers; handling of high-value vehicles and cargo; and operation on public roads. Most of the jobs involved are strenuous and may lead to injury if not performed correctly. Our representatives understand what it takes to reduce your exposure and protect your employees (and the public) from increased risk of loss.

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Loss Control Team

Contact us any time for information or assistance. Click here to see our Loss Control Department regional map.

On-Site Visit

The partnership between our loss control representatives and customers is multi-faceted. One of the primary services we provide is an on-site visit. Click here for a full overview of what an on-site visit entails.

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Contact us any time for information or assistance

Customer Service Center

The Loss Control resource library is no longer available on the public website. For access to our new resource library, with downloadable content, please register for the Customer Service Center. Instructions for registration can be found here. If you have any questions about the process, please contact Loss Control at the following email address: